The beauty of sunsets

As the sun sets we celebrate not because of the darkness that comes but because we are guaranteed of a sun rise

Picture this; that an announcement has been made across the globe and the most renowned scientist have discovered that after the sunsets it will no longer shine bright on the earth again, that this is the beginning of an eternal era of darkness, as you watch the sunset that day, would you still be admiring the beauty of it all or would your heart be full of worry, anxiety and panic?

The knowledge that the darkness is never permanent plays a part in our experience watching the sun set in the evenings. As someone whom personally loves just gazing into the vast emptiness of the sea as the rays of the sun strike her never ending waves, the idea of a one last sunset does not instill any comfort even just thinking about it.

But our lives are in so many cases as similar to the experience of gazing into the sunset. When we look at things and situations in our life as they come to an end or even probably go wrong for us, among many other things that reassures us is our perspective on the permanence of the situation. If you feel like there is no hope on your situation, like this is the end and there is no recovery or any light at the end of the tunnel the you are defeated completely.

My encouragement today is for us to know that nothing is permanent and more especially bad times and darkness never last forever. Do not completely loose hope or even abandon any the visions you have of better days to come. To keep your sanity, you must keep your hope up.

No matter what you are going through in your present times, remember the darkness will most certainly overwhelm you if you decide to close your eyes because it is dark out.

Do not let the darkness around you cause you to have darkness within. If the world goes dark keep your eyes open and for sure when the sun rises then you will catch the sunrise but if you choose to shut your eyes due to external darkness, you shall miss out on the beauty of the moon and the stars.

Keep your hope up, be optimistic and definitely do not allow the world to rob you off your joy and the light within you. Your perspective on your current issue with either turn the sunset into a nightmare or reinforce on the beauty of it.

Nothing lasts forever and only when we have sunsets can we have sunrises


When you are in pursuit of your goals and dreams, you need to have an environment that encourages you to grow and even hustle harder.

You need to position yourself in an environment where you will be able to grow and maintain the passion and fire for your dreams and goals.

Are the people around you pushing you to grow or are they part of the reason why you have remained the same for the last decade of your life.

I attended what we call a hustle house with one of my mentors and colleagues in our forex trading business and the entire time all we did was push each other to grow and try and achieve success. We set daily objectives on what each person needed to do in order to grow individually, we set goals for the overall team and we set longterm goals for what we were aiming to achieve before we left our hustle house. We had rented out an Airbnb.

The amount of growth I experienced in a period of 7 days was tremendous. I was rejuvenated and during this time I got to refocus on what my goals and aspirations in life. Waking up and seeing every single person working so hard to achieve success in their life was a constant challenge that i had to also keep working. I spent seven days not just my work ethic been put at full work mode but also having a mental and psychological conditioning that working hard and smart is not an option if am going to be the person that I envision myself.

At this point I know that this is not a permanent environment and this means that I have to create an environment for myself that will encourage growth and development. I have to stay immersed in an environment that will not sooth my ego or even allow me to stay in a comfort zone.

I challenge you to do the same, keep the fire burning, do not let your passion fade away, do not allow yourself to forget that which you desire for your life. Have a mental picture of the person you desire to be and attack each with purpose and intention.

Create for yourself an environment that will challenge you daily to be better than you were yesterday or today.

What environment are you trying to build success in and is it the conducive environment for you to realize your goals and objectives

Change your environment for the better and pursue the best version of yourself

What is the most impressive thing you have ever done?

What is the most impressive thing you have ever done in your life? Take a moment and really think about it, most impressive thing I have ever done! The most impressive thing……? When I heard this question asked on Jimmy Kimmel Show, it really got me thinking about the things I have done in my life so far and what amongst all was the most impressive.

Some context to the question, Jimmy Kimmel was addressing the issue of the Nobel Peace Prize which is one of five Nobel prizes awarded annually to someone whom has made a worthy and notable contribution (in other words impressive work) to the efforts of peace around the globe. Jimmy Kimmel then pointed out that as we looked to honor those whom had outstanding works, we should also think about the people walking the streets daily and hence he sent someone to go around asking people what was the most impressive thing they had done in their life.

This question can go depths into the analysis of a persons life for is it not true that we shall be remembered after our days here on earth by the things that we shall have done. Our most impressive actions shall be what we leave behind as our legacies and footprint on earth. Our history shall tell of these tales or probably no tales at all.

Every single day we are presented with the opportunity to go out into the world and leave a mark, a lasting impression of ourselves, of who we are. The world desires to be impressed by us, the magnitude of our grandeur leaving an impression not soon to be forgotten. Equal opportunity to impress for all, a 24 hour cycle repeated 7 days a week. Have you really impressed the world yet?

Something worth noting is that we are not in competition with any other person out there but our very selves and our achievements from previous days and the future stories that shall be told of things we accomplished. I dare submit that no man whom having never impressed themselves shall be able to impress the world. One must find beauty in what they engage in, in whom they are and in so doing; perform their skills and actions with such zeal and eloquence that the world deems them impressive.

What really is your response to this question, what is the most impressive thing you have ever done with your life? Will you speak of your glory days far gone and hardly remembered as most do, will you talk about how you were or dream to be or will you give an response of a person whom now is delighted in their deeds, dazzled by victories and made wiser by their losses.

Am yet to do something worthy of a Nobel Prize and maybe I shall leave this earth like many never having attained the rare pleasure of receiving one but something impressive I will set out to do with my life and I challenge you to do the same. Let us do something that will make us proud of ourselves. Seek to impress not the world but yourself with deeds that will impact your life with great meaning and growth and in so doing impact those around you.

Impress yourself to impress the world.

So yes, really, thus far in your life, what has been the most impressive thing that you have done???

What impressive thing do you aim to accomplish with your life???

Be a player not a spectator

We love and hate to criticize athletes and people whom are constantly in the eye of the public. We not only spend lots of money paying to see other people performing but spend time after the watching to discuss how the same people we were watching performed. There is even a paid job for professionals to just sit and criticize others for the work they did, sports analysts, food critics and even reviewers of different things in life

The thing is that is we spend so much time focused on what other people are doing and how they are doing it and claiming how we would do it. We are all professional critics of other people’s lives. This is I included been a huge fun of sports and the arts, I definitely have something to say about some of the performances that I see.

I have been thinking of how the person in the field or on the platform feel or what the experience is. And I have come to the realization that many of the things that I am constantly talking about are things I wish that I could be doing. I can remember when I played rugby back in the day and how I was always ecstatic about the game. Holding the ball, making that pass or tackle, running till I could run no more and funny enough even when I got injured, there was that feeling of accomplishment and been on top of the world.

When I was not on the field I could not stop thinking of those glory moments and I would replay those beautiful moments over and over. What gave me more joy was to watch other people play and i would think of how I would have executed the moves they just did. I did lots of criticizing and applauding but at the same time it was out of my desire to experience the moments.

The experience on the field is what we desire and for some reason we fail to do and take action. We are held back by some reason and or even some excuse. If we are honest with ourselves long enough, we would definitely face up to the truth and rather than sit and talk about people whom are going hard on there dreams and visions, we would join them in the field and actively participate in building not just our lives but also dreams and visions.

Be a player and not a professional critic, yes you will not be able to do all the things that you desire but every once in a while, go out and dare to do something. Dare to bring your dreams into a reality.

Be a doer, be a player, walk on to the field and be the show for once. Do not always be a spectator


Faith is often called a leap
Faith is leaping across the gaps
between the known and unknown 
the proven and the unproven
the actual and the possible
the grasp and the reach

There is always a chasm between where you are 
and where you are going; 
by faith make that leap forward

What lies ahead, in tomorrow, 
in days and months to come 
or even beyond this life

Have faith, Believe, envision your tomorrow.
Be bold and keep moving in faith 
that all is well and keep believing that 
you have already conquered. 

Believe in God! Have faith in Him!


When the waters freeze over and the leaves fall
When rays of the sun cannot warm the cold
When the trees and grass turns brown
When life takes a turn and laughter ceases
When the beautiful smiley faces are gloomy and sad
When hope is so distant and joy but a dream
Remember yea thee all but a season
nothing lasts forever
That hole in your chest you feel, soon winter will be gone
And summer shall be for a short while
Allow the moments to come and go
Either good or bad, joy or sorrow
The past should be left in the past 
For all shall come and go as the seasons must and will

Always Afraid

Funny how am about to write about fear and yet fear of how you would judge me after reading this article almost stopped me from writing it🤣🤣🤣🤣

Fear will stop the strongest man in the room from taking charge, fear will stop the brightest mind from sharing their ideas with the world, fear has stopped you from pursuing your dreams and the desires that you have for your life. How much more would we have achieved if we did not have to be afraid

Human beings from the fact that we are social beings have this great fear of rejection and not been accepted. All we want is to fit in and belong. This comes from our hunter and gatherer days where the lone wolf had fewer chances of survival and well there was safety in numbers. We are more comfortable when we feel loved and accepted by those around us.

Our brains refuse to do anything that threatens our sense of safety as it hard wired to react in a way that preserves our lives. The amygdala, the part of the brain that process fear among other emotions like anger and our flight or fight response and also triggers the release of stress hormones, will be more active when faced with a situation that is perceived as a threat whether it is or not. While this is happening you will feel overwhelmed and want to run to safety and comfort.

Interestingly we are constantly hearing that on the other side of fear is everything that we are hoping to achieve. This goes back to the brain because as soon as the prefrontal cortex and hippocampus which is connected to the amygdala becomes active in any situation, they start to discern and rationalize the situation if the threat is real or not. Why am I even talking about this brain stuff, when I started to write I was afraid of how I would be judged and not accepted but the moment I sat down and thought about the situation and why I was actually been afraid, I decided to keep writing.

You have to do despite the fear, you have to keep moving despite the anticipation but most importantly you will always be afraid in whatever new thing that you decide to do. The only thing that is for sure is that if you allow fear to paralyze you then you will never achieve anything.

Do despite the fear, start no matter how scared you are and keep going despite the rejection. You will always be afraid but you got to be the master over the fear. Be the boss and let fear not control you


Genesis 2: 5-7 When God created all the plants and herbs he caused them to grow but never caused rain to drop from the sky but only had dew from the ground nourishing them. And the bible says that this was because there was no man to till the ground. Rain in the bible is an indication of blessings from God. God not sending rain was because there was no man to manage the things that He had put there. He caused there to be rain after He created man. God is waiting for you to step up before He can release the rain/showers of blessings upon not just you but your family and the people around you and in this generation. The world is also waiting for you to be the person that God has called you to be and release the potential that you have in you to bring blessings to this generation.

Our generation needs you to bring solutions and solve the problems that it has. We are not looking towards anyone else to solve our problems and figure out how to solve the issues that plague us, we have you and me and we are the answer to the questions that have remained unanswered for us. So set-up and take your rightful place and do not underestimate how valuable you are to the world. Offer the world the things that you still hold within you.

You may be wondering how you shall know what exactly you should be doing with your life and i will pass on to you advice that was given to me by one of my mentors

There is one thing that really bothers you in your society or your community or in your life and you wish that it could be done differently. For some reason you feel like there is something that needs to be done in order to improve the current situation. That right there is your opportunity and the thing that you should be doing. Solve that problem and make the situation better than you found it. Is the opioid crisis bothering you so much, what can you do or what do you think should be done? Go ahead and do it. Do you feel like people need to hear more words of encouragement, start encouraging them. Do you feel the homeless need help, start doing something about it. Do something about the situations around you that you feel need to be changed.

Be the change, step up and be the solution and let us see growth and development stemming from your actions.