It is more befitting that for my first article in this blog that I start with addressing why am starting now and not yesterday. My whole life I have known that I was destined for greatness and I have always known that God put me on this earth with a purpose, a reason. Knowing that I can do more each day in my life but yet looking at the current situation seeing myself not perform to my capabilities and abilities… or as Kenyans say; situation kwa ground ni different that translates to that the current situation does not match the expectations.

Many people will definitely relate with this feeling where you feel in you that you can achieve more but you are currently not at your peak, that there is still more room for improvement. And my writing this is to simply tell you that you are not wrong, many of us are constantly under performing in comparison to our abilities and potential. For some reason we have had to settle for whatever has come our way or in most cases the first and the easiest thing that comes to our door step in life first.

Despite knowing our worth and potential and despite the numerous ideas that reveal themselves to us, we still remain bound and held from pursuing our dreams and desires in life. There is a yoke laid heavy upon our necks limiting our self belief and tethering us to a version of ourselves that we tolerate and are not in love with. Yes for long I tolerated the person that I was becoming; I was comfortable never had to stretch myself or get off my comfort zone everything was just cozy and more so I never had to face many of my fears as everything was reset and repeat. Surely my job even served as an excuse to get out of so many things I didn’t want to do. But in my heart, I was under performing in regards to my capabilities and undervaluing myself. Only my pillow can narrate sleepless nights as i pondered of possibilities and lay awake hating myself for not really pursuing my goals and purpose in life.

Am not alone in this and I hope as you read this it is challenging you to see how much you have tolerated the place you are in life and that it is okay that you feel terrible about it. You feeling that there is room for growth means that you still have it in you to keep forging forward and choose a different path from where you are. Do not get me wrong, some people are comfortable at their current status in life and others have achieved their true calling and purpose and to them I say that they are blessed and very lucky. This article is for those like me whom are still finding their way, who still have longings for bigger things.

You need to break that yoke, no more fear to hold you back, no more doubting yourself and definitely no more allowing others to hold you back. Am writing now and not yesterday because yesterday I was under the yoke but today am free and am sure you also have one thing that you want to pursue that you have not really had the courage to do so……

It is time for you to arise and pursue the desires of your heart, pursue that one thing that makes you find happiness and that makes you feel complete.

Are you tired of tolerating yourself and ready to pursue the best version that you can be or is your comfort in stagnation more important

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