Genesis 2: 5-7 When God created all the plants and herbs he caused them to grow but never caused rain to drop from the sky but only had dew from the ground nourishing them. And the bible says that this was because there was no man to till the ground. Rain in the bible is an indication of blessings from God. God not sending rain was because there was no man to manage the things that He had put there. He caused there to be rain after He created man. God is waiting for you to step up before He can release the rain/showers of blessings upon not just you but your family and the people around you and in this generation. The world is also waiting for you to be the person that God has called you to be and release the potential that you have in you to bring blessings to this generation.

Our generation needs you to bring solutions and solve the problems that it has. We are not looking towards anyone else to solve our problems and figure out how to solve the issues that plague us, we have you and me and we are the answer to the questions that have remained unanswered for us. So set-up and take your rightful place and do not underestimate how valuable you are to the world. Offer the world the things that you still hold within you.

You may be wondering how you shall know what exactly you should be doing with your life and i will pass on to you advice that was given to me by one of my mentors

There is one thing that really bothers you in your society or your community or in your life and you wish that it could be done differently. For some reason you feel like there is something that needs to be done in order to improve the current situation. That right there is your opportunity and the thing that you should be doing. Solve that problem and make the situation better than you found it. Is the opioid crisis bothering you so much, what can you do or what do you think should be done? Go ahead and do it. Do you feel like people need to hear more words of encouragement, start encouraging them. Do you feel the homeless need help, start doing something about it. Do something about the situations around you that you feel need to be changed.

Be the change, step up and be the solution and let us see growth and development stemming from your actions.

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