Be a player not a spectator

We love and hate to criticize athletes and people whom are constantly in the eye of the public. We not only spend lots of money paying to see other people performing but spend time after the watching to discuss how the same people we were watching performed. There is even a paid job for professionals to just sit and criticize others for the work they did, sports analysts, food critics and even reviewers of different things in life

The thing is that is we spend so much time focused on what other people are doing and how they are doing it and claiming how we would do it. We are all professional critics of other people’s lives. This is I included been a huge fun of sports and the arts, I definitely have something to say about some of the performances that I see.

I have been thinking of how the person in the field or on the platform feel or what the experience is. And I have come to the realization that many of the things that I am constantly talking about are things I wish that I could be doing. I can remember when I played rugby back in the day and how I was always ecstatic about the game. Holding the ball, making that pass or tackle, running till I could run no more and funny enough even when I got injured, there was that feeling of accomplishment and been on top of the world.

When I was not on the field I could not stop thinking of those glory moments and I would replay those beautiful moments over and over. What gave me more joy was to watch other people play and i would think of how I would have executed the moves they just did. I did lots of criticizing and applauding but at the same time it was out of my desire to experience the moments.

The experience on the field is what we desire and for some reason we fail to do and take action. We are held back by some reason and or even some excuse. If we are honest with ourselves long enough, we would definitely face up to the truth and rather than sit and talk about people whom are going hard on there dreams and visions, we would join them in the field and actively participate in building not just our lives but also dreams and visions.

Be a player and not a professional critic, yes you will not be able to do all the things that you desire but every once in a while, go out and dare to do something. Dare to bring your dreams into a reality.

Be a doer, be a player, walk on to the field and be the show for once. Do not always be a spectator

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