The beauty of sunsets

As the sun sets we celebrate not because of the darkness that comes but because we are guaranteed of a sun rise

Picture this; that an announcement has been made across the globe and the most renowned scientist have discovered that after the sunsets it will no longer shine bright on the earth again, that this is the beginning of an eternal era of darkness, as you watch the sunset that day, would you still be admiring the beauty of it all or would your heart be full of worry, anxiety and panic?

The knowledge that the darkness is never permanent plays a part in our experience watching the sun set in the evenings. As someone whom personally loves just gazing into the vast emptiness of the sea as the rays of the sun strike her never ending waves, the idea of a one last sunset does not instill any comfort even just thinking about it.

But our lives are in so many cases as similar to the experience of gazing into the sunset. When we look at things and situations in our life as they come to an end or even probably go wrong for us, among many other things that reassures us is our perspective on the permanence of the situation. If you feel like there is no hope on your situation, like this is the end and there is no recovery or any light at the end of the tunnel the you are defeated completely.

My encouragement today is for us to know that nothing is permanent and more especially bad times and darkness never last forever. Do not completely loose hope or even abandon any the visions you have of better days to come. To keep your sanity, you must keep your hope up.

No matter what you are going through in your present times, remember the darkness will most certainly overwhelm you if you decide to close your eyes because it is dark out.

Do not let the darkness around you cause you to have darkness within. If the world goes dark keep your eyes open and for sure when the sun rises then you will catch the sunrise but if you choose to shut your eyes due to external darkness, you shall miss out on the beauty of the moon and the stars.

Keep your hope up, be optimistic and definitely do not allow the world to rob you off your joy and the light within you. Your perspective on your current issue with either turn the sunset into a nightmare or reinforce on the beauty of it.

Nothing lasts forever and only when we have sunsets can we have sunrises

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