What is the most impressive thing you have ever done?

What is the most impressive thing you have ever done in your life? Take a moment and really think about it, most impressive thing I have ever done! The most impressive thing……? When I heard this question asked on Jimmy Kimmel Show, it really got me thinking about the things I have done in my life so far and what amongst all was the most impressive.

Some context to the question, Jimmy Kimmel was addressing the issue of the Nobel Peace Prize which is one of five Nobel prizes awarded annually to someone whom has made a worthy and notable contribution (in other words impressive work) to the efforts of peace around the globe. Jimmy Kimmel then pointed out that as we looked to honor those whom had outstanding works, we should also think about the people walking the streets daily and hence he sent someone to go around asking people what was the most impressive thing they had done in their life.

This question can go depths into the analysis of a persons life for is it not true that we shall be remembered after our days here on earth by the things that we shall have done. Our most impressive actions shall be what we leave behind as our legacies and footprint on earth. Our history shall tell of these tales or probably no tales at all.

Every single day we are presented with the opportunity to go out into the world and leave a mark, a lasting impression of ourselves, of who we are. The world desires to be impressed by us, the magnitude of our grandeur leaving an impression not soon to be forgotten. Equal opportunity to impress for all, a 24 hour cycle repeated 7 days a week. Have you really impressed the world yet?

Something worth noting is that we are not in competition with any other person out there but our very selves and our achievements from previous days and the future stories that shall be told of things we accomplished. I dare submit that no man whom having never impressed themselves shall be able to impress the world. One must find beauty in what they engage in, in whom they are and in so doing; perform their skills and actions with such zeal and eloquence that the world deems them impressive.

What really is your response to this question, what is the most impressive thing you have ever done with your life? Will you speak of your glory days far gone and hardly remembered as most do, will you talk about how you were or dream to be or will you give an response of a person whom now is delighted in their deeds, dazzled by victories and made wiser by their losses.

Am yet to do something worthy of a Nobel Prize and maybe I shall leave this earth like many never having attained the rare pleasure of receiving one but something impressive I will set out to do with my life and I challenge you to do the same. Let us do something that will make us proud of ourselves. Seek to impress not the world but yourself with deeds that will impact your life with great meaning and growth and in so doing impact those around you.

Impress yourself to impress the world.

So yes, really, thus far in your life, what has been the most impressive thing that you have done???

What impressive thing do you aim to accomplish with your life???

5 thoughts on “What is the most impressive thing you have ever done?

  1. Wow ,this challenges me to really search deeply in my heart that thing I have done that was impressive to me .iam my biggest critic that’s why this beats me hard ….I love something that challenges me and I will definitely put this in mind in whatever I Do. Very nice read.

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  2. What such a beautiful read and it does intrigue me think of my own very life. Mmmmmmhu what is the most impressive thing have I done?…let ponder on that.
    Thank you Kevh

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