When you are in pursuit of your goals and dreams, you need to have an environment that encourages you to grow and even hustle harder.

You need to position yourself in an environment where you will be able to grow and maintain the passion and fire for your dreams and goals.

Are the people around you pushing you to grow or are they part of the reason why you have remained the same for the last decade of your life.

I attended what we call a hustle house with one of my mentors and colleagues in our forex trading business and the entire time all we did was push each other to grow and try and achieve success. We set daily objectives on what each person needed to do in order to grow individually, we set goals for the overall team and we set longterm goals for what we were aiming to achieve before we left our hustle house. We had rented out an Airbnb.

The amount of growth I experienced in a period of 7 days was tremendous. I was rejuvenated and during this time I got to refocus on what my goals and aspirations in life. Waking up and seeing every single person working so hard to achieve success in their life was a constant challenge that i had to also keep working. I spent seven days not just my work ethic been put at full work mode but also having a mental and psychological conditioning that working hard and smart is not an option if am going to be the person that I envision myself.

At this point I know that this is not a permanent environment and this means that I have to create an environment for myself that will encourage growth and development. I have to stay immersed in an environment that will not sooth my ego or even allow me to stay in a comfort zone.

I challenge you to do the same, keep the fire burning, do not let your passion fade away, do not allow yourself to forget that which you desire for your life. Have a mental picture of the person you desire to be and attack each with purpose and intention.

Create for yourself an environment that will challenge you daily to be better than you were yesterday or today.

What environment are you trying to build success in and is it the conducive environment for you to realize your goals and objectives

Change your environment for the better and pursue the best version of yourself

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